Advanced Turf Solutions has 24 locations that proudly serve customers in 15 states. Our Monroeville location first opened in 2010, relocating to a new building down the road in 2016. Since then, the Monroeville operation has grown so much that it now occupies both the old and new buildings, with 25,000 total square feet of space.

“We have a greater capability of servicing more customers in a more timely manner, which has been huge. Our deliveries are spot on,” said Todd Smith, a sales rep who works out of the Monroeville facility. “Our service is phenomenal. They bend over backward and just tackle the bull by the horns and get stuff done.”

Since last fall, Mike Thomas has led Monroeville as the facility manager. Mike joined ATS as a Class B CDL delivery driver in 2018, eventually moving to a counter sales position. He was promoted to assistant facility manager in 2021 and facility manager in October 2022.

“We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and having a very welcoming environment when you walk through the door,” said Mike. “When you buy something at Monroeville ATS, you can expect a friendly, professional environment. Whether you are a large contractor or a homeowner buying a few bags, we can service everyone.”

The relaxed, helpful atmosphere at Monroeville is noticeable to everyone who walks through the door. “Customers have said that they feel welcome here. I get feedback from customers about how it’s a very inviting environment,” said Jeff Brooks, another local sales rep. “They’re doing a great job. They’re a very cohesive team.”

Monroeville not only has a cohesive operations team but also a strong bond between operations and sales. The local reps are around almost every day, and they have close relationships with the staff there. Keep reading to get to know two operations team members in Monroeville.

Nick Ford
Nick Ford Class B Delivery Driver Employee Since 2021

This June marks two years since Nick started at Advanced Turf. Previously, he was operating heavy equipment for a crane rental company. When that work slowed, he heard about an open driver position at ATS. It was a good fit for Nick, especially since he already had his CDL. 

Driving and interacting with customers are Nick’s favorite parts of the job. “I love to drive, meet our customers, meet new people,” he said. “I just think ATS overall, from what I’ve seen so far and the guys that I’ve worked with, is just a great company to work for. I enjoy getting in to work every day. I’m not stressed out. We all work as a team.” Over the past two years, Nick has learned about the industry and what all of the products do with help from Mike and the rest of the team.

Nick is from nearby Apollo, Pennsylvania, where all of his family lives. His family also has a camp in the mountains that Nick tries to visit as many weekends as possible. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and riding side-by-sides. Nick and his wife also have a Rottweiler.


Ryan Cyphert
Ryan Cyphert Assistant Facility Manager Employee Since 2021

Ryan started as a Class C driver and warehouse associate in March 2021. After working hard and growing his product knowledge, he was promoted to assistant facility manager when the position became available. The role was natural for Ryan because he had previously worked as a warehouse manager at an electrical company.

Being new to the turf industry, Ryan had a good support system to help him get up to speed. “Between the sales guys and Mike and everybody, it was pretty painless learning everything,” he said. The team dynamic is his favorite part of the job. “We all can joke with each other, but when we need to be serious, we can. We can all tighten the belts and get things done.”

Ryan has lived in the Pittsburgh area for most of his life, and his family is there too. He enjoys working on his old Chevy pickup truck in his free time, and his pitbull-blue heeler mutt likes to keep him company. Ryan is a fan of all the local sports teams, especially Penguins hockey.