June 18, 2012 at 3:00 am

One of the most common conversations that I have had this season is “Wow, the insects are terrible this year”.  With the mild winter that most of us had, the turf and ornamental insect population definitely appears to be above normal. 

Throughout the years, as an industry, we have been faced with the loss of some major insecticide groups that we use to manage turf and ornamental pests.  The chemical companies have done a good job with supplying us with some new low risk control products.  It is important that you choose the correct one for the pest you are targeting.  Use the proper rate and also the proper application.  Too often I have received calls in the past claiming the product did not work, only to find out that the application was not done correctly.  This ranged from improper application, to improper watering, to using the wrong product for the situation.  Please read the label and if you have a question, call your representative, they will be happy to give you some guidance.

Jeff Brooks
T&O Sales Representative