What is Armament?

Armament is a patented, proprietary, high-molecular-weight polymer distributed by Advanced Turf Solutions. Best described as a humic acid on steroids, it carries a heavy negative charge. Armament comes in several formulations, including a 38% sprayable concentrate, making it a convenient, easy-to-use, sprayable product.

What makes Armament unique?

Armament is created by reacting highly available amino acids with complex metal carboxylates at 475 degrees Fahrenheit. This process results in a negatively charged molecule (3000–5000 g/mol). Compared to organic acids (150 g/mol), Armament has the unique ability to capture an extraordinary number of cations (K, Ca, Fe, Mg, Mn, etc.) and make them available to the plant. Armament also mines unavailable (tied-up) cations off the soil colloid due to its heavy negative charge. As soil microbes naturally break down Armament, these once unavailable cations move into the soil solution and become available for plant uptake.

What are the results of using Armament in your agronomic program?

With its unique cation holding capacity, Armament enables turfgrass and ornamentals to move more nutrients into the plant than similar applications without Armament. Below is an average of several tissue tests conducted by Texas A&M regarding bermudagrass in an Armament study. As you can see, Armament significantly increases macro/micronutrient uptake.


Can Armament save money in my agronomic program?

Yes, Armament is very economical per acre. Many customers who apply Armament reduce their N, P, and K inputs by up to 20%. Using Armament just makes sense. It’s likely to reduce your overall inputs and positively impact your budget. Please call your local ATS rep today to explore the advantages of Armament and how it can benefit your specific agronomic situation.