Fall officially arrives this week. For some, it means looking forward to the return of football. For others, soccer is in full swing. If you’re in lawn care and landscaping, it means your mind is a little preoccupied…

Time to get those aerators rolling.
Seed work needs to be done.
Now that it’s a little cooler and the grass is growing, need to sharpen those mower blades again. 
Can’t wait for the leaves to drop so I can put a wrap on fall clean-ups.
Time to plant a little fall color.
Better get going on the fall fertilizer and herbicide applications.

Fall is definitely not the season for lawn care and landscape downtime. Did we even mention deep root feedings yet? How about salt & ice melt?

It’s easy to get wrapped up in “the now.” It seems like the now is just part of our culture- everything and everybody at our fingertips every moment of the day. While we run in 100 different directions all at the same time, don’t forget to think about tomorrow. Give yourself a little time to think about what’s ahead. Think about your purchase habits and how planning ahead can help your business. Sometimes planning ahead can save you money and give yourself an edge against your competitors. Sometimes planning ahead can simply give you that one extra evening at home with your family.

There are always programs designed to help those who have the ability to plan for tomorrow. For some, planning is a luxury. For others, it’s simply not realistic. It never hurts to ask though! Every fall there are multiple Early Order Programs available for those that can look into their crystal ball. The slogans are generally very similar, “Buy Now and Pay Later.” But there is one truth to most Early Order Programs. If you can find a way to use them on core products within your business, you will save some money and maybe even a little time. Not all programs are created equal, but understanding how to use them effectively will help your company’s bottom line. Whether you prefer BroadStar or Snapshot, Cool Power or Defendor, both Nufarm’s program and DOW’s program are designed to help your bottom line. If Dismiss or Solitare is your herbicide of choice, FMC’s program offers savings for lawn care and landscape contractors.

Take the time to evaluate the most important products to your business. It’s not about buying for the sake of buying. You shouldn’t have to stress over a purchasing decision. Find the programs that utilize YOUR core products and let your ATS rep find a way to save you both time and money. Having a plan for today is great, but having a plan for tomorrow is even better!