Impregnated lawn fertilizer contains a concentrated pesticide solution to manage pests while fertilizing grass. The pesticide can be pre-emergent or post-emergent for control of weeds. The pesticide can be contact, systemic, or both for insect control.

Herbicide-impregnated fertilizer is sometimes called “weed and feed” because that’s what it does. The blend of fertilizer and herbicide is especially effective because it eliminates weeds and grows healthy grass to outcompete them. Applying a fertilizer alone creates the risk of fertilizing unwanted weeds and desirable grass. Impregnated fertilizer minimizes that risk.

Some impregnated fertilizers control weeds and insects, like 30-0-8 and 30-0-10 Acelypryn+Dimesion. With a 120-day fertilizer release and season-long crabgrass and grub control, these granular products provide steady growth and protection.

Another impregnated fertilizer, which targets weeds specifically, is 16-0-8 with Escalade. With the esters of 2,4-D, fluroxypyr, and dicamba acid for broadleaf weed control, this granular fertilizer offers another N-P-K ratio option for lawn care professionals. 

For a more comprehensive feeding and pest control program, we recommend the following three-application process:

  1. Three-month feeding blended pre-emergent (31–0–8 with 80% EPEC 90, 0.15% Dimension OR 29–0–5 with 80% EPEC 90, 0.37% Prodiamine)
  2. Three-month feeding blended insecticide (25–0–6 with 80% EPEC 90, 0.2% Merit)
  3. Three-month feeding with Armament (29–0–6 with 80% EPEC 90, Armament Coating)

This program provides an extended, steady release of nitrogen over a long period. Temperature-dependent release times eliminate growth surges and decrease turfgrass clippings. The result is a healthier plant with less environmental impact. Nitrogen-efficient programs minimize the chance of leaching and runoff. A nitrogen-efficient program also reduces labor expenses by decreasing the number of visits to a property.

So, what are you waiting for? Talk to your ATS sales representative today to learn more about impregnated fertilizer options for your operation.