Lasting Impressions

Kentucky bluegrass has long been a favorite choice for turf, and for those in the northern, cool climates, it just may be the best choice for a lawn. When looking for a Kentucky bluegrass, make sure to cover the basics. It’s important to think not only of your immediate needs but for the length you will have the turf in use.

Much like with a house, turf is only as good as its foundation. If you build on little or no foundation, your investment will not stand up against the elements. When you seed or sod your lawn with Kentucky bluegrass, it forms a solid foundation with its root mass.

Kentucky bluegrass spreads easily through the production of rhizomes, which grow horizontally just below the ground’s surface and is unique compared to other turf species. These rhizomes provide the ability of the turf to heal itself and resist wear and tear, which helps ensure the survival of the plant, giving you long-lasting stability.

MVS’s 365ss Kentucky Bluegrass Blend is one of the highest-rated products on the market for wear tolerance. Other characteristics of this aggressive mix are its dense growth and performance, which include weed suppression, disease resistance, and drought tolerance. This means fewer inputs, more money in your pocket, and the peace of mind you are stewarding resources responsibly.

The NTEP trials are a great resource for evaluating the above-listed characteristics, or you can simply look for varieties of Kentucky bluegrass that have been around for a while. This is usually a clear indicator that they check a lot of boxes. For example, Bluenote and Legend Kentucky Bluegrass have been around awhile, and they are still going strong. They have ranked high in disease resistance and drought tolerance, meaning they will stay green long after other bluegrasses have gone dormant in the heat of the summer.

How quickly seed germinates or establishes is one of the most important factors when selecting a Kentucky bluegrass variety for your needs. While Kentucky bluegrass may not scream out of the ground like ryegrass, there are still some major differences within the bluegrass species in terms of the rate of establishment.

A fast-germinating variety like Bolt Kentucky bluegrass can outcompete other bluegrasses and, because of this, manages to hold back challengers like Poa annua and other weeds.

In an age where everything is disposable or gets updated every six months, 365ss Kentucky Bluegrass Mix is the exception to this rule. We maintain the same varieties and percentage so that if you plant as sod or seed, you ALWAYS get consistent product year after year. You can be confident in the consistency of performance, knowing exactly what to expect. When MVS put this product together, these qualities were part of the equation knowing they will provide you with a dependable, long-lasting surface for years to come.

Duane Klundt
Vice President Turf
Mountain View Seeds