Coming out of winter here in the Midwest, it’s common to see annual broadleaf weed infestation in the non-grass areas on baseball fields. Pests like Poa annua and chickweed grow everywhere from the warning track and infield skin to the bullpen and outdoor batting cages. Notice how much better the field looks in the third photo below.

Something to consider, if time seems to get away from you, is to apply BroadStar pre-emergent in late fall. Typically, one bag will cover a full-size track area as well as the infield skin with a suitable broadcast spreader. 

Once the spring season winds down, apply a follow-up application in May with Freehand pre-emergent to suppress summer weeds such as crabgrass, goosegrass, sedges, and a variety of other summer annuals. If feasible, lightly scarify, apply with a drop or broadcast spreader, screen drag, and water in or time around a rain event to activate the product. You should see three to four months of control, pending monthly activity. 

If you are in a situation where the weeds are already present, include a dose of liquid SureGuard SC  pre-emergent herbicide with your non-selective herbicide when spot-spraying these areas to get extended control.

As always, mechanical practices such as scarifying, screen dragging, or hand raking weekly—even during the off-season—will significantly reduce weed infestation.