After the winter we all just went through, one would think Mother Nature would be a little bit kinder this spring. We had more than our share of rainfall, and the unseasonably low temps have not made it any easier to keep up with general maintenance. With the slow start to the season, many of you are struggling to keep the grass mowed down and bunkers pushed up. Not to worry; the weather has changed for the better and your golf courses are responding to sunlight and warmth!

With the recent flooding and daily rains, I want to remind every one of the importance of venting your greens and opening up the profile to allow air movement and help dry them out. Spiking or solid tine aerification on your putting greens is a great way to get the drying process started and allow your greens to become firm and fast. By drying out the surface on your greens profile, you will make your roots dive in search of water that is available deeper in the soil.

Now is the time to start pushing your roots on your greens, with the thought that summer and heat are right around the corner. This cool, wet weather hasn’t forced your root structure to work. Pushing your roots now with a solid fertilizer program is essential, as many of your early spring applications have flushed through your profile. Many of you are used to starting your foliar feeding program for the summer months. Another application of granular fertilizer is going to help tremendously getting you through the summer stress. Despite the lack of roots I have seen throughout Northern Ohio at this time, I have seen a great response from those already using Holganix at a 7 oz/M rate on a monthly basis throughout the season.

Once the season heat is upon us, don’t forget to start preparing your turf with our phosphite program for pythium control.  Armor Tech 44 at 1.5 oz/M tank mixed with Nutrol T&O at 1.28 oz/M works wonders for keeping the dreaded “P” word at bay! You will want to start a few weeks before disease pressure is upon us.

Here’s to a great summer season and great turf conditions!