Water management is a critical aspect of healthy sports turf fields. Nature doesn’t always cooperate with the needs of turf grass and often supplies either too much or not enough water, which creates challenges for sports turf managers.

Precision Laboratories understands these challenges and for more than 20 years has researched and developed water management solutions. These products, called surfactants, are primarily designed to make water do one of the following: hydrate the soil, infiltrate the soil or a combination of both.

Hydration surfactants hold water in the soil where it is easily utilized by the turf. Infiltration surfactants break surface tension and move water into and throughout the plant root zone. Combinations of these surfactants do both. Precision’s innovative water management products are customized for different soil types by adjusting balances of infiltration and hydration components.

Proper depth of moisture is critical under dry conditions. Hydration surfactants keep the soil hydrated and reduce turf stress, while keeping the playing surface dry. Precision’s Vivax was created for such conditions. It is a blend of four surfactants -two hydration and two infiltration, one of which resists microbial degradation. Vivax is proven to keep the playing surface drier by moving water into the soil, and holding it in the primary root zone. Additionally, many users see other benefits including 5-7 days of dew suppression, which can help reduce fungal growth, clippings and workload for turf managers. Vivax is available in liquid, tabs, granular and a potash-based 0-0-20 formulation.

During wet times, water can pool in low spots and cause turf damage or affect playing conditions. Alypso is an infiltration surfactant that pulls water into the ground, even in sloped surfaces, which provides uniform water distribution for firmer playing surfaces. It is also a perfect tank mix to improve application and efficacy of other products that must be watered in when applied.

These products are generally applied at a monthly rate that can be adjusted to fit spray schedule needs. They are also great for controlling moisture in skinned areas or to reduce dust when things get too dry.

Ask your ATS representative for more information or visit Precision’s website at www.Precisionlab.com.