February 23, 2017 at 9:16 pm

Placing tarps on mounds and plates is a critical maintenance practice. Tarps will perform two main tasks.

  • Keep moisture off the mound and plate areas – Mound and plate areas consist of special soil that contains significantly more clay, thus keeping moisture off the areas are critical for performance. 
  • Keep moisture in the mound and plate areas – As important as keeping moisture off of mound and plate areas is keeping moisture in mound and plate areas. Proper moisture management is key to mound and plate clay performing properly. Keep tarps on mound and plate areas at all times when not in use.

#SmartTurf Tip – Use surveyor nails to keep tarps on the ground. The yellow plastic cap makes it easy to find as well.

Using on Deck Circles as Batting Practice Mats

Are you having trouble affording a batting practice mat, but you do have some on-deck circles? When the field is not in use, consider placing the on-deck circles on the batter’s boxes and keeping them over those batter’s boxes for batting practice. This allows for the clay to stay moist and for better wear in the boxes. It also reduces the need for repairing the area after battling practice and limits clay needs.

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