“You can pay me now; or, you can pay me later.”

Remember those commercials about oil filters? This same catchphrase can be applied to using Mesotrione at seeding time.

By applying Mesotrione as a stand-alone spray application or with a starter fertilizer, you can greatly reduce, and in most cases eliminate, those pesky weeds that encroach into a newly seeded area. Typically, shortly after a new seeding, the weeds will germinate and grow quicker than the grass. Since the grass is so young, and most herbicide labels state that you shouldn’t apply any herbicides for a certain period, the weeds will continue to grow, and the customer will continue to call.

A simple application of Lebanon 21-22-4 (with mesotrione) or an application of ArmorTech Trione at the time of seeding will eliminate those weeds and headaches. Although you may have a slightly higher input cost at the time of seeding, you’ll eliminate the weeds, callbacks, and headaches. Or you can continue to use the traditional starter fertilizers and fight the weeds and deal with the callbacks and headaches.

You may have higher input costs, but that will be offset with a better-quality turf!

10 Days After Seeding
17 Days After Seeding
24 Days After Seeding