It’s hard to believe it’s already October. What happened to 2018? From dealing with weather extremes to weed and fungus outbreaks in regional areas that we haven’t seen before, I sit back and think what a strange and unpredictable growing season 2018 has been. These issues have had homeowners asking our customers what is going on. In return, our customers ask us reps for help on how to not only explain these issues to their customers but also how to correct these issues. Let me tell you, it sometimes has been a “head scratcher” for us too.

To help your customers, continue to offer aeration and overseeding services. Now I know some people are saying, “It’s too late. It’s October.” It’s true it’s October, but it’s not too late. It’s not only a benefit to the lawn you are working on, but it’s also a revenue stream for your business from your existing customer base.

Top Three Ways to Help Your Customer This October

  1. Educate your customer and do what you can to help correct the issues that Mother Nature thrusts upon us.
  2. Keep offering aeration to your customers. This will help reduce thatch and add air to the root system.
  3. Also offer overseeding to introduce new varieties of seed to the lawn. The newer varieties are genetically stronger than their older counterparts. This can help in the future to reduce disease, add insect resistance and drought and wear tolerance.

Don’t forget to consult with your ATS sales rep to learn more about ways to help your customers this fall!