Zoysia has proven to be more cold-tolerant than bermudagrass or any other warm-season grasses. It also has proven to thrive once we hit the summer months, providing an excellent surface for play with little or no problems. The big variable each season for zoysia is the transition period in the springtime.

The timing of spring green-up and growth can vary immensely from year to year, sometimes by weeks, if not months. Turf managers can try to promote growth with traditional nitrogen fertilizer applications, but results are inconsistent, ranging from no response to a flush of top growth. We do have some options, however, that can help during the transition time without risking excessive growth and without breaking the bank.

Foliar-Pak Amperage 5-0-0 with amino acids is one of those options. Amperage is a blend of molasses and amino acids that can aid both soil and plant health. The molasses promotes microbial activity in the soil helping in nutrient availability and thatch reduction. It also provides sugars to energize the plant in low sunlight and cooler temperatures. The amino acids in Amperage increase photosynthetic activity and production of anti-stress compounds while also aiding in green-up.

Another great option is Foliar-Pak Armament Concentrate. In a nutshell, Armament is a very large, consistent molecule that holds many negative charges. These negative charges attract and chelate positively charged cations, increasing the availability and uptake of nutrients already in the soil. In tissue testing, Armament has been shown to increase plant uptake of some nutrients as much as 34%, providing consistent, predictable nutrient availability without excessive growth.

For more information on these products, don’t hesitate to contact your ATS rep!