Summer is gone and fall is here, which means now is a great time for broadleaf weed herbicide applications in turf. With the summer drought stress thinning turf, weeds may have gained the upper hand. Take back the turf by applying a fall broadleaf application. Here are a few tips to have a successful application:

Apply your fall herbicides (ideally) when rain is not forecasted for 24 hrs and it’s sunny. Rainfall and overcast days can minimize the effectiveness of the applications. The herbicide needs time to dry on the surfaces of the leaf and to be absorbed. 

Use adjuvants with your broadleaf herbicides. They make a large difference in spray efficacy.

Kill really tough broadleaf weeds, like ground ivy and wild violets, by using triclopyr or Alligare’s Boulder. Use it by itself or mixed with another herbicide, depending on the situation.

Treating after a light frost is okay. After the first hard frost, do not treat. Applications for broadleaf weeds can be put down well into fall and even November and December. Once a hard frost occurs, the weeds harden off and shut down.