In the fall of 2012, a friend in Columbus, Ohio renovated his lawn, stripped it, and put down new topsoil and new seeding. He chose Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF), a tall fescue that produces a creeping stem or runner (rhizome) that extends outward from the main plant underground. This rhizome will send a shoot up to the soil surface while extending new roots downward, forming a new plant.

By the spring of 2013, the lawn had filled in and was thick and dark green. It stood out from the other lawns on his street all year. It’s like walking on memory foam; his lawn is amazing. He has had neighbors stop by to ask about his lawn.

I stopped there last Friday and I was amazed to see under the snow, under the brown, you find nice little green shoots, tillers, new growth. Look closely at the last photo to see for yourself. It’s like it has continued to fill in under the snow cover the last two months. I can’t wait to renovate my lawn and go with RTF this fall!