Golfers are constantly searching for a compatible playing partner. Once they find that well-matched partner, it can lead to many entertaining rounds of golf over many years. Likewise, Foliar-Pak has constructed two products that would be considered highly compatible partners for golf course superintendents to use through the season. 

The first of these products is Amperage, with AminoPrecise technology. It is a 5-0-0 analysis containing water-soluble iron, zinc, and manganese. Supplying these minerals to plants in periods of low light or cool temperatures promotes excellent color response due to improved photosynthesis.

The specific amino acids chosen for this product efficiently assist the plant cell in producing anti-stress compounds while supporting the photosynthetic process. The molasses in Amperage provides natural sugars (carbohydrates) to the plant, which is also helpful during cooler temperatures and low light. It also serves as a nutrient source for microbes that have an impact on reducing thatch in treated areas.

This product is very effective in the shoulder seasons of spring and fall. It will jump-start the production of chloroplasts, which will increase the green color of the turf without producing excess growth.

After the second application of Amperage, it is time to introduce the partner product, CSi L. While it is not necessary to always pair these products, they do pair very well together when tank-mixed. 

CSi L is a 2-0-0 analysis that contains 25% liquid silicon by weight, which is derived from silicic acid along with a precise amino acid. The small size and high solubility of CSi L help it rapidly move the foliage to improve cell wall structure. The particular amino acid used in CSi L is effective as an osmolyte, which helps the individual plant cell store water. Think of that cell as a filled water balloon. This cell full of moisture helps in two ways. First, it minimizes the moisture stress of each cell. Second, it increases the overall turgor pressure of the cell, which helps make the plant stand up.

Programmed applications of CSi L in the summer months will yield high-quality turfgrass stands that thrive even through stressful periods. Those plants will achieve a more upright growth, leading to increased greens speeds. Those plant physiological responses will continue for up to two weeks rather than the three or four days from older formulations of CSi.

If it is not continued through the full season, Amperage can replace CSi L in the fall when daylight becomes shorter and temperatures decrease.

Amperage and CSi L will not provide all of the nutrients your turfgrass will need to thrive through a season. They can be partnered together to provide very beneficial sources of amino acid technology, which will help a turf manager through stressful periods by providing excellent quality turf without excessive growth. 

Talk to your ATS sales representative for more information and ways to improve the turfgrass you manage using Amperage, CSi L, and the full line of Foliar-Pak products.