It sure seems like there has been an invasion of white clover this last month. There may just be an abundance of clover this year; however, the clover could also be flowering more profusely than other years. I also received 10 calls in 2 days about clover, so, that may make it seem like there has been a lot of it. My guess is it’s a combination of all the above (no, we did not add white clover seed to our fertilizer to sell more herbicides).

June brought above average rainfall to most areas in the Midwest and cooler temperatures, which resulted in vigorous turf growth. These growing conditions caused fertility levels to drop prematurely with turf and allowed clover to invade. There are things you can do to control clover. Try these three tips to keep clover in check: maintain proper fertility levels, raise mowing height, and overseed (fall) thin turf. Post emergent herbicide applications, containing the active ingredients fluroxypyr, triclopyr, and quinclorac, provide excellent results. Be sure to add Chem-Stik LpH to ensure good contact with the clover. Contact your ATS sales rep for help with herbicide, fertilizer and seed recommendations to help take back the turf from the white clover invasion of 2015.