There are many field painters and paints on the market today. One to consider is the iGO made by Linemark. This painter has two unique features. First, the paint that goes into the machine is ready-to-use. Second, the machine is battery-powered. These features mean the iGO is very easy to clean and requires no mixing or engine maintenance.

The most common complaint from end users with some of the other paint machines is the length of time to mix the paint and to clean the machine when finished. With Linemark, the paint is pre-mixed and simply needs to be shaken. Cleaning the machine is as simple as running water through the machine when finished and occasionally running Flush Thru (Linemark cleaning detergent) through the machine.

The battery will last 8 hours on a full charge. At the end of the day, the iGO can be easily charged by plugging it. It will not overcharge, and if charged after each use, the machine will be ready to go the next time you need it.

iGO Deluxe

There are 2 machine sizes, the Deluxe and the Mini. Most people will want the Deluxe and will want to add the side arm attachment in order to paint comfortably. The Mini would be a good choice for a parent volunteer who can store it in his/her trunk or for a facility with 1-3 fields. The chassis is half the size of the Deluxe, and the battery life is only 4 hours.

iGO Mini

A 2.64-gallon jug of Impact or Impact XP will paint just over 2 full-size soccer fields with the green nozzle on an initial mark. When over-marking, switch to the red nozzle and the same jug will paint 4-5 soccer fields (depending on walking speed). End users use double or triple the amount when using paints such as aerosol or bulk and may spend 30-60 minutes mixing before they are ready to paint. Impact paint comes in 2.64 or 1.32-gallon sizes and regular Impact comes in a variety of colors.

There are also synthetic and hard surface paints available from Linemark. The same machine has the ability to paint grass fields, synthetic fields, and parking lots.

Need help? Don’t hesitate to contact your ATS sales rep if you have any questions Linemark products.