If a course has infiltration issues, that means standing water can become a problem and water can’t be used as effectively as it can be. HydroPak Diversion improves rainfall infiltration and irrigation, getting water off the course fast and ensuring firmer, drier, well-irrigated playing areas.

What is Diversion?

Diversion is a multi-purpose injectable and sprayable infiltration surfactant with water conditioning capabilities. It works by reducing the surface tension of water on soil, helping it move quicker through repellent barriers and disperse in the root zone. This leads to less runoff and standing water on tees and fairways and less time spent waiting for soil conditions to improve after a rain event. 

Its water conditioning capabilities also take care of bicarbonates in hard water, making soil conditions better. Diversion also moves plant protectants and nutrients into the soil. Plus, it can help soil-active fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, and plant growth regulators move into the soil, too.

Problems HydroPak Diversion Can Alleviate

Compaction and/or Tight Soil Conditions

Localized dry spots (LDS) appear when there isn’t enough available water—typically during summer months when temperatures are high. The stress caused by LDS is due in part to compaction and tightness, which are further exacerbated by thatch and slope. Soil that is compact or tight inhibits water from entering the soil—some will get in, but not enough. This is a big problem, especially for the root zone, where water is most needed. When heavy thatch is added to the mix, it can keep water at the surface, essentially acting as a sponge. Sloping conditions will cause a similar problem, with water running off before it can enter the soil. A soil-penetrating (infiltration) surfactant like Diversion will help the water move into the profile and root zone.

Drought on Zoysiagrass on Fairways

Dry spots aren’t the only drought-related issue Diversion can counter. Zoysiagrass, while not a thirsty type compared to other warm-season grasses, can still be affected by drought conditions. Penetrants like Diversion can help regulate moisture levels more manageably on your zoysiagrass fairways in the summer. In areas that are very dry, Diversion will assist with infiltration, while low-lying areas that see lots of water will dry quicker.

Diversion Fast Facts

  • Significantly reduces the surface tension of water and improves the infiltration of rainfall and irrigation
  • Having the option of either injection or spray application provides flexibility
  • Neutralizes hard water ions to improve soil conditions
  • Two to four weeks of effectiveness, depending on the rate applied

It’s versatile, too. Diversion can be used monthly throughout the growing season, and intervals can be adjusted as needed. It can also be used as a tank mix adjuvant with other surfactants and protectants and is great for flush/rinse applications.

Use Rates

Diversion touts low use rates. Apply 0.5-1 fluid ounce per thousand square feet when spraying or one quart per acre when injecting.

More on Diversion

If you have questions about Diversion or are simply looking for advice on managing your course’s turf, our people are here to help. Reach out to your ATS rep or find yours here to start the conversation.