During my days as a superintendent, the ordering process was a simple one: I would contact my Advanced Turf Solutions representative, Alex Cannon, with my product needs and they would arrive a short time later. Now that I am a Regional Operations Manager for Advanced Turf Solutions, I can tell you the process is considerably more complicated than just a “pull and ship” system. Today, I would like to elaborate on the journey your order takes from its inception to assembly and shipment to your doorstep.

You have just placed an order with your sales representative. What happens next? Firstly, the sales rep enters your order as a sales quote within our internal database. This is a complete detailing of your order including your address, contact information, product needs, pricing, special requests, and so on. The information from the quote is then interpreted by one of our order entry staff, converted into a sales order, and transferred to our warehouse staff for picking. All of this usually takes place in a span of fewer than twenty minutes.

Now, that the warehouse staff has your order, it is time to build it. However, before your product can be compiled, there are several items the warehouse must check. Product requested must first be allocated within our system to ensure no issues with product availability for future orders. Should the product you requested not be available, the warehouse staff will reach out to one of our many branches across the Midwest and your product will be transferred to the necessary warehouse.

Once all availability issues are taken care of the product is pulled and palletized by one of our warehouse staff and double-checked by the warehouse manager for accuracy. Following that, the product is set aside in a safe, dry location in preparation for shipping. An order fulfillment can vary from 10 minutes to several hours based on quantities required and ease of setup. However, once your order has been compiled and checked, it is ready for the final step.

Now for the final step and your favorite part: Delivery! Shipment of your order is handled by one of our fully licensed drivers. These drivers are responsible for not only the delivery of your product but also the fine-tuning of their daily route to maximize efficiency. They also load and unload your product and contact you prior to delivery.

The delivery date is determined by a location-based shipping schedule. This allows us to keep our shipments timely, efficient, and organized. Once a date has been scheduled for your delivery, you will be contacted 24 hours prior to delivery for confirmation. When your product has been procured, the driver will ask you to verify your order with a signature and with that, the process is complete!

As you can see, there are many hands that go into the making of your order. ATS prides itself on communication, teamwork, and most of all, customer service. We believe these ideals are made apparent from the moment we take your order until the moment it’s in your hands. We will continue to refine and augment this process to better suit the needs and wants of our customers as time continues. You are the reason we do what we do and we are grateful for your business. Thank you.

Rob Buckner
Regional Operations Manager

Delivery Process