After ATS introduced the Linemark paint system to the United States, we have gathered many positive reviews. However, I have run into some questions that have been asked at just about every demo and I thought I would talk about them today, just in case you have the same question.

Q. Does the Impact XP series last longer than my current paint?

A. Depending on factors such as foot traffic, mowing, weather and games being played, we have had an average of about 2.5 weeks of longevity. However, to achieve even longer paint lines, add PGR’s or Primo to your paint and you can increase the longevity.

Q.  Are the parts and paint readily available?

A.  Yes, we have replacement parts for the iGo Deluxe and Mini machines and we are expected to have more product in our facilities by the middle of July.

Q. Can I run the current paint that I have in stock through the iGO Deluxe?

A. Yes and no. How you mix your current paint is a determining factor on running competitor products through our machine. You may have to cut it 3 to 1 and use our flat fan-tip nozzle to put out your current paint.

Do you want to know more about the iGO series paint machines and Impact series paint? Let us give you a demo and you can see for yourself.

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