We all start the season with the best intentions to make the turf “the best it can be.” Eventually, the season gets underway, the weather becomes extreme, staff shortages wreak havoc, and a well-laid plan starts to unravel. 

Stick to the foundations of your plan during the most stressful times, even if that means cutting something else out of your to-do list. Cool-season turf does not pause to accommodate our daily stresses. So, stick to your guns.


Of course, there are many things to relieve summer stress. One of the absolute best things you can do for your turf is to vent, vent, and then vent again—in the spring, in the fall, and anytime you can throughout the growing “dog days.” 

Of course, your local Advanced Turf Solutions representative can help you find the right style tines to match your needs. We carry JRM tines, which include a full array of options to fit most any aerifier you might have. 

Venting is time-consuming and requires communication within your club, but it can be a lifesaver to make it through a tough season. Of course, picking the correct time, weather, and practice will give you a huge leg up when deciding what is best.


Speaking of timing, take it easy. Turf and ornamentals are at their brink right now and will be until the end of August. Be wise in your approach to a specific practice. Just because you performed a task last spring or fall without any issue doesn’t mean it will have the same result during hot, humid, and windy weather. 

Back off your traditional DMI fungicides. If you need the benefits of a DMI without the negative aspects of it, try the new technologies of Densicor, Maxtima, and Rayora. They are much better suited for this time of year and will help you sleep easier. 


If you deal with repetitive issues, one of the best things you can do is reassess your fertility. It is much more than just N, P, and K. Technology has come a very long way; the best example of that is the Foliar-Pak line of products. Fertility can make a huge difference when building the plant’s defenses. 

Foliar-Pak Bio Sea, Foundation Forty, Colonise Bio, Armament Concentrate, Grow-In, and Nature Safe granulars should all be products that you have easy access to when in need. These are products designed specifically to help with these issues in turf.


Irrigation systems have been put to the test this year. Water sources are getting low. Remember your irrigation systems are constantly pulling from less-than-ideal sources. Right now is a great time to get a Soil Solver soil test, but it is also a good time to perform an irrigation system audit. Make sure the irrigation heads are turning correctly. Cleaning out any pump hose screens to maximize your system is easily forgotten during the long workdays of a summer like this one. 

Use Your Resources

Advanced Turf Solutions has a phenomenal network of individuals and the absolute best product lines to help you every step of the way. Your ATS rep wants to be involved in helping you solve issues on your property. Give them a call. 

Remember, the turf is not the only living thing stressed this time of year. Remember to take care of yourself and your crew during these times. Remind your crew to drink more water, take a 10-minute break in the shade, or start the workday earlier so they can clock out earlier to avoid the hottest times of the day. We all know the summer grind can be relentless. Take time for yourself and your family. Your batteries need to be recharged as well.