You work hard to maintain the quality and color of your turf. But now it’s become just a little bit easier, with SurfCote N-4 extended-release fertilizer. SurfCote N-4 uses innovative polymer resin to provide a temperature-dependent nutrient release. As temperatures warm, urea nitrogen is released at a consistent rate, to match the nutrient demand of the turf. The warmer it gets, the more nutrients SurfCote N-4 delivers. After complete release, the polymer decomposes into naturally occurring compounds. By extending nutrient release by up to 120 days, SurfCote N-4 helps turf achieve its full potential for growth and vigor. It keeps turf healthy, lush, and green, without short-lived early season growth flushes.

Get the advantage with SurfCote N-4.

Each SurfCote N-4 fertilizer granule is encased in a durable microthin shell. The patented polymer coating consistently releases nitrogen, according to temperature. Every blade of grass gets the nutrition it needs when it needs it most.

Extend your chances of success.

Successful turf management is all about consistent efficient nutrition, reduced labor costs, and environmental stewardship. Ask your representative for complete information about SurfCote N-4 extended-release fertilizer.

SurfCote N-4 = Environmental Stewardship

  • Reduces nitrogen loss due to ammonia volatilization and leaching
  • Improves nitrogen efficiency
  • Enhances nutrient uptake through gradual nutrient release (enhanced efficiency fertilizer)

SurfCote N-4 for Greener, Healthier Turf

  • Consistent release of nutrients for up to 120 days
  • Delivers uniform color and growth
  • Saves time, labor and energy
  • Extremely durable shell for more consistent performance
  • Available in SGN 150 and 240 sizes