We have had another very stressful year with our landscape plantings and trees. We have had yet another year with an extended wet spring. Although the summer wasn’t as hot as the previous two seasons, August and early September were extremely dry. Unfortunately, trees and shrubbery have a rough time adjusting from wet feet to extra dry periods.

The intake of nutrients and minerals is reduced during excessively wet and dry periods. With this said, landscape professionals know how important it is to replenish these plantings with the right combination of essential elements. In the fall, the changing colors of the leaves signals that the tree sap is starting to travel down to build and strengthen the root system. Fall is the ultimate time to replenish the much needed carbohydrates and nutrients to these stressed plantings and trees.

A deep feeding with Arbor Green Pro, combined with Age Old Mycorrhizae WSM will both feed the trees and promote much needed root growth. As the feeder roots create a more fibrous system, these products allow the plantings to uptake water and nutrients more readily.

For any recommendations for products or equipment, please give your ATS representative a call.

Thank you and have a great fall.