Steel Green Reveals New Equipment Features and Announces Early Order Program with Advanced Turf

October 22, 2019

At the 2019 GIE+EXPO, Steel Green Manufacturing revealed several new features on 2020 spreader/sprayers and announced an early order program valid for Advanced Turf Solutions customers only- offering up to 7% off 2020 machines purchased by November 30th. Download the flyer for more details on the early order program.

Steel Green made its public debut at last year’s expo, unveiling three different models of zero-turn spreader/sprayers. All three models included high capacity spray tanks and fertilizer hoppers, stainless steel chassis, decked out 21-horsepower engines, 20/50 amp charging systems, and zero-turn steering among other features.

Model SG52

Steel Green’s largest and most productive spreader/sprayer is the SG52. With its dual 30-gallon spray tanks, Spyker 225-pound hydraulic-driven granular system, and high-density poly fertilizer trays, the SG52 holds up to 60 gallons of liquid and 325 pounds of granular product. It can treat up to 240,000 square feet on a single fill with ¼ gallon spray nozzles.

Model SG46

Offering versatility without compromising capacity, the SG46 zero-turn spreader/sprayer has all the power and spreading capacity of the larger model in a more compact size. Dual 15-gallon spray tanks offer 30 gallons of liquid capacity while the 225-pound hopper and fertilizer trays hold up to 325 pounds of granular product.

Model SG36

The SG36 zero-turn spreader/sprayer can run up to 10 miles per hour, treat up to 120,000 square feet on a single fill, and it fits through a 36-inch gate. With its dual 15-gallon spray tanks, Spyker 125-pound hydraulic-driven granular system, and high-density poly fertilizer trays, the SG52 holds up to 30 gallons of liquid and 225 pounds of granular product.

“From the day we started Steel Green Manufacturing, we have had our ears to the ground listening for what lawn care operators want from spreader/sprayers,” said Brent Mills, General Manager of Steel Green Manufacturing. “We built machine prototypes based on the expressed needs of lawn care operators, and when we unveiled them at the GIE+EXPO last year, we welcomed criticism. We returned from the expo and considered all of the feedback. Instead of rushing to production on a machine that was good enough, we took the time to implement changes that would improve the operators’ experience. Our 2019 models were great machines, but we have continued to listen to customer feedback and made some additional improvements to our 2020 models.”

What’s New?

2020 Steel Green machines will include a USB port and an updated control center with simpler controls and better ergonomics based on customer feedback.


The spray boom has been re-engineered for added strength and is now angled to prevent the accumulation of product on the boom.



An enhanced fertilizer deflector system gives Steel Green operators increased perimeter efficiency and directional control. Now with a stainless-steel side deflector, the new system features a smoother operating cable and lockable up and down feature.


The 5-gallon fuel tank will now be offered in a natural color for improved fuel level visibility.


The high-capacity spray tanks on each side of the machine will now include tethered lids and a lighter tank color for improved liquid visibility.


New attachments are also now available from Steel Green Manufacturing, including a light kit and dual boom option. The dual boom attachment offers the capability to spray high-volume out of one set of nozzles and low volume from a second set of nozzles. This technology gives applicators the opportunity to apply liquid fertilizer while spot spraying for weed control simultaneously.

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