Summer conditions punish turfgrass. Beginning Turf Screen applications now will ensure your turf will retain enough energy and strength to withstand stresses of summer. Here’s why you should begin Turf Screen applications now:
  1. UVB damages turf up to and including cell collapse and death.
  2. UVB radiation has a multiplying effect on turf and diminishes the energy levels of turf over time. 
  3. UVB exposure increases with the angle of the sun in the summer. It also increases turf stress and temperature, while forcing turf to utilize more water and energy just to cool itself.

Turf Screen

Start using Turf Screen today and continue through the growing season to allow your turf the essential protection and energy to combat even the most extreme summer conditions. Your turf and you will be happy you did.

Here’s even more information on Turf Screen: