Since we were kids, we have all been subjected to doing things we don’t want to do. Eating brussel sprouts, cleaning our room, and washing behind our ears are just some of the things we were forced to do…and that was just last week, but my wife can be a little bossy. I’m sure most of you prefer not to do spring lawn seedings. Often times, results are spotty and plagued by grassy weed infestations. However, there are a few steps you can take to improve the quality of your efforts.

First, try using a pre-emergent that is acceptable for use with new seedings. These products generally have a shorter window of control than the materials we use for established lawns. However, even a 4-5 week head start with limited weed competition can make a world of difference, not to mention saving you the time, chemicals, and aggravation of having to battle a grassy weed infestation later.

Secondly, water management is important for spring seeding. Make sure to use an acceptable mulch to cover the seed. Straw, hydromulch, and pelletized compost are just a few of the options. Your choice may vary based on current weather conditions and the seeding site. It would also be advantageous to offer your client the option of incorporating a wetting agent into the price. These materials will offer increased water efficiency and retention, which will help reduce the watering time needed for establishment.

I know that sometimes lawn installations are awarded strictly on price. Due to this, try itemizing some of the options separately. This will keep you cost competitive while bringing attention to these beneficial options that may be of interest to your client.

Always make sure to outline the steps the property owner needs to take to ensure that they are doing their part. Watering, proper mowing procedures, and aftercare fertility requirements are some of the topics that should be covered. You can even have them sign the instructions sheet you give them to acknowledge the importance of their role to the overall success of the project.

Finally, all successful seeding projects start with selecting the right seed. If you are looking for a place to get high quality turf grass seed, let me know, I just might know a guy….