Spring seeding season is here, and we want to keep you informed about the current seed stock, expected harvest, and impact on price and availability.


Seed supplies nationwide are very limited. With a less than adequate harvest in 2021, we are in a situation with limited seed and high prices. Typically seed companies hold over 20% of their stock from one harvest until the next. With the light harvest last year, companies have been forced to use all of their available seed to fulfill commitments. That means there will be no carryover. The impact on you, the end-user, is that it will take longer for you to get seed mixtures this fall because we must wait for all species in the mixtures to get harvested and cleaned. 

Harvest Expectations

Until a week ago, things looked very bleak for this year’s harvest. However, seed fields in Oregon and Washington recently received some much-needed rain and are expecting more next week. We are seeing some second-year fields with vole damage that could affect the amount of seed harvested this year. Overall, about 15% more perennial ryegrass is in fields compared to this time last year. Tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass acreages have not increased. 


Grass seed pricing is at an all-time high. With fertilizer, chemical, and labor input costs also at historically high prices, the price of grass seed is not expected to decrease much, if at all, this fall. 


If your business depends on grass seed as an integral part of the business plan, you should purchase seed before supplies run tighter and prices increase again. Waiting for the new harvest may not be the best idea, as demand at that time will be extremely high. Getting the exact product you want may be difficult to impossible. At Advanced Turf Solutions, we have a good supply of seed in our facilities. Contact your ATS sales representative for assistance securing the seed you need.