March Madness is upon us.  For J&D Turf, this does not relate to basketball, but to getting all the baseball and softball fields ready for spring play. So, I wanted to share a couple of photos from Covenant Christian as many of the tasks for getting a field ready for spring play are taking place. This field is one of the nicest fields in Indiana. Andy Gossel maintains the field and does a great job. There are four photos below (clockwise):

1. The first photo (featured image) shows the foul area in front of the third base dugout after rolling the turf. This practice allows for the settling of the frost heave from a hard winter for turf

2. The second photo shows two great tasks for the spring. In the background you can see the outfield being rolled with a three ton roller and the first nail dragging of the field after the dirt has been rolled with a three ton roller. Infield soils MUST be rolled before play in the spring. No matter the quality of the material, all surfaces will frost heave over the winter and this must be settled before spring play.

3. The third photo shows a neat cutout around the mound at Covenant Christian. It is definitely old school!

4. The final photo shows a picture of Andy’s new rigid mat drag. This is the drag of choice for infields as it will smooth the surface while also providing minor leveling of the surface. This is due to the fact that the drag will not roll over high areas and dig deeper in low areas.

Good work Andy!

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