Proxy growth regulator has evolved to be the standard PGR for Poa annua seedhead suppression on cool season turf. The most effective Proxy program is to apply your 1st application (primer spray) in late fall, after final mowing or tank mixed with your preventative snow mold fungicide. This late fall application has proved to be effective and has dramatically improved seedhead suppression on greens and fairways the following season.

If you were unable to apply the late fall spray, following the spring Proxy recommendations will still give 80% or more seedhead suppression. In addition to improving playability of the putting surface, Proxy will improve summer turf health because carbohydrates that are normally diverted to seedhead production, are now utilized for other favorable processes in the plant. Without Proxy applications, your turf is more susceptible to environmental stresses through the summer months.

Timing of Applications:

The 1st spring Proxy application should be applied when Poa annua is in the boot stage or using one of the Growing Degree Day models. One website useful for monitoring growing degree days is If using the GGD50 model, your 1st spray goes out at 50 GDD’s. If using the GGD32 model, your 1st spray goes out between 200 – 500 growing degree days. Best to apply your first spring Proxy spray 5 – 10 days early vs 1 day late. The Proxy rate is 5 ounces per 1000 sq ft. for fall and spring sprays. It is suggested you do not tank mix PGR-113 (trinexapac-ethyl) with your 1st spring Proxy spray to avoid phyto from frost.

The 2nd spring Proxy application can be applied 3 to 4 weeks after your first spring spray. Proxy at 5 ounces per 1000 sq ft can be tank mixed with PGR-113 (trinexapac-ethyl) at 0.10 ounce per 1000 sq ft. This combination of two PGR’s provides the best seedhead suppression. No need to water in Proxy sprays after application. Adding ArmorTech IP-238 (iprodione) at 4 ounces per 1000 with this spray will prevent leaf spot from infecting regulated turf.

Poa annua seedhead emergence

Proxy Tank Mix Options:

Adding a Bayer Stressgard fungicide is an excellent combination that gives plant health benefits from Stressgard. When a liquid fertilizer is needed to maintain color, growth, or to mask discoloration, Foliar-Pak Amperage 5-0-0 is the perfect supplement to your spring Proxy sprays. Amperage 5-0-0 is a blend of nitrogen, iron, manganese, sulfur, zinc and contains molasses and amino acids which gives excellent plant response in cooler temperatures.

Like many of our Foliar-Pak products, Amperage is available to the plant by foliar uptake and root uptake. Amperage rates are 1.5 to 3 ounces per 1000 sq ft. Because Amperage has an acidic ph (ph 2.7), it improves plant uptake and helps buffer tank ph.  

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Mike Eberts
Sales Representative