Advanced Turf is your full-service partner for creating safe, playable, and aesthetically pleasing natural grass and other athletic surfaces. We have a variety of equipment to offer our customers a range of services including topdressing, fraze mowing, aerification, and field grading. We would like to share with you the features of two particular pieces of equipment, the SandMaster and Verti-Quake, and what benefits these machines can bring to your athletic field.

The SandMaster is a one-pass aerator and slit drainage machine that allows the use of wet or dry sand, gravel or other soil amendments. The SandMaster is accompanied by the Verti-Quake, which cuts channels into the ground using vibrating coulter knives. This allows for the SandMaster to fill these channels with sand, leaving behind a smooth and ready-to-play surface.

The SandMaster is an economical solution to drainage problems. It helps to amend soil issues, such as compaction, and allows for nutrients and airflow into the soil profile. The Verti-Quake can also be run separately to aerate turf and prune roots.

Wet or dry sand can be used with the SandMaster, eliminating the need for kiln dry material. The permanent channels created help to improve the quality of the turf. The non-invasive, one-pass procedure causes little surface disturbance and keeps your sports fields ready to play.

The SandMaster in action at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, MO.

About the SandMaster:

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