Anyone who manages turf understands the need to become more environmentally friendly.  Golfers associate the sprayer with danger, regardless of what’s in the tank.  Over the last several years the EPA has reduced rates on several products and eliminated others entirely.  If you look to agriculture it’s clear the future is organic and, biological.  Our options for organic and biological products are limited.  However, last summer ArmorTech launched a product that could change the way we spray forever.

ArmorTech Sonnet is a biofungicide comprised of a patented strain of Bascillus Subtillus QST 713.  Unlike most biofungicides from the 80’s and 90’s where shelf life was measured in weeks, Sonnet is packaged as a wettable powder with a shelf life measured in years…. but the bacteria is only part of the story.

When the Basillus Subtillus in Sonnet are cultivated they give off molecules called lipopeptides.  Sonnet has over 20 different lipopeptides that all perform different functions including acting as an antifungal, antibiotic and surfactant.  One-way lipopeptides help with disease control by attacking pathogens and disrupting the cell wall.  In research conducted at Rutgers University in 2011(see graphs below), ArmorTech Sonnet alone provided acceptable dollar spot control.  When tank mixed with traditional fungicides Sonnet makes them work more efficiently.  Sonnet is also labeled for: Anthracnose, Brown Patch, Gray Leaf Spot, Rust and Powerdy Mildew.  In addition to traditional fungal diseases, Sonnet has incredible potential to become a legitimate weapon against turf related bacterial issues and is already labeled to control three different bacteria strains.

Be sure to ask your ATS rep how Sonnet can work for you!