Though our winter is off to a slow start, it isn’t too soon to plan your snow mold recovery applications.  The mild weather pattern has allowed turf to continue to grow after many of you have applied the appropriate prevention products.  That being stated, many in NE Ohio may notice a “premature” degradation of fungicides simply because the plant is continuing to respirate.

If a mid-winter touch up application is deemed necessary, be certain to use chemicals with a “contact” mode of action.  The systemic type products simply will not be taken up by the plant, and therefore, poor results will follow.  Historically, we have had excellent results utilizing chlorathalonil and iprodione at higher rates during wintertime reapplications.  Remember to buffer iprodione to a spray solution pH of 6 for optimum results.

With any luck, no one will need the above advice…..

Happy Holidays,