The first day of winter is near, and we have had little to no snow activity.  The picture below is what I am currently snow dancing for.

Anyway, recently I traveled out West to do some research on how using a combination of liquid and granular deicers during a snow and/or ice event can make us more productive and efficient.

I found that granular alone is effective, but can be very wasteful.  Especially when used for pre treatments.  When granular products are applied with a broadcasting spreader, they scatter on the pavement beyond the target area.  If you treat granular products with select liquid products, it helps them stick to targeted areas.  I found that depending on the liquid used, you could reduce the usage of your granular by as much as 30%.  This reduction is primarily from our over usage of product due to waste.  Granular works well during the event because the granules can drill through the snow pack and/or ice.  Liquid alone is far more effective when pre treating.  Because the application is sprayed on the target, there is virtually no waste.  Liquids can be very effective when used alone for deicing.  You just need the proper equipment.  When pre treating with a liquid you can use a fan or straight stream nozzle.  When de icing with liquids you need to use a straight stream nozzle so it can drill thru the ice or snow pack.  Keep in mind; results can very depending on climate and products chosen.

So in conclusion, Advanced Turf Solutions can consult and/or supply you with liquid and granular snow and ice removal products and equipment.   Feel free to contact us for further information.

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