Ice solutions include more than products and equipment. This blog post will present some other resources to help you manage snow and ice for your customers this winter.

First, it’s important to understand the following terms related to winter weather:

  • Surface temperature: the temperature of the ground to be treated
  • Air temperature: the temperature of the air at five or six feet above the ground
  • Dew point: the temperature at which water vapor becomes liquid and at which point the relative humidity is 100%
  • Relative humidity: the percentage of water vapor in the air relative to the maximum amount of water vapor that could be in the air

Surface temperature is meaningful because it affects which products (and at what rates) to apply on a given surface in current conditions. Air temperature helps predict future surface temperatures. Dew point and relative humidity help predict future precipitation. Lastly, wind speed and direction are important to consider when planning snow removal, specifically.

For live local conditions, many resources are available to keep you informed. Here’s a sampling:

Several organizations provide industry-specific professional development: 

In addition to industry education, these organizations provide networking opportunities for professionals to learn from each other. We at Advanced Turf Solutions believe that relationships are vital to success, which is why our sales reps are so focused on helping their customers succeed. Reach out to your representative with any questions you may have as you prepare for snow and ice removal season this year.