If you have been talking to bulk salt suppliers, you probably know by now that things are looking uncertain. There is a projected bulk salt shortage in the United States of 3 to 6 million tons, depending on who you ask. To compound the shortage issue, barges are booked with higher value cargo, delaying the salt shipping up the Mississippi River. The intense winter we experienced last year wiped out reserves to the point that the main producers still have not caught up to demand. As we all know supply and demand dictate price, so prices are “saltier”than last year. The bottom line is that it would be wise to lock down some bulk salt supply as soon as you can.

Advanced Turf Solutions has been working hard to obtain bulk salt for our customers, and we now have product ready to ship and commit for the Indianapolis, Louisville, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland areas.  Contact your ATS sales rep to lock down your supply before allocations are gone.

The bagged salt and ice melt situation is not ideal, as supply on some products will be limited or allocated, and prices have increased some.  However, product is available and moving into inventory or early order for our customers.  It would also be worthwhile to lock down some bagged product before season hits.