When cool-season grasses start to green up in the spring, you might start taking calls from upset homeowners seeing brown spots in their lawns. In some cases, the brown spots are species of grasses that green up later in springtime. Three grass species to watch out for that green-up later in spring are nimblewill, zoysiagrass, and bermudagrass.

All three types of grass can be removed with programs from Advanced Turf. To help these programs work successfully, take pictures and mark areas in the spring while the grass is still brown and easily identifiable in turf. The programs will begin in July to remove the grasses for the next season.


Nimblewill is a warm-season perennial grass that grows in matt-like patches and is frequently confused for other mat-forming grasses, like bermuda. Nimblewill prefers shady, moist locations, however, it can be found in sunny, dry areas, too. It spreads radially through short, weak stolons and is typically recognizable in the cool-season lawns of the Midwest by its coarse-textured, gray-green leaves.


Nimblewill Removal Program

Round Application Rate: # or Fl oz/M
7/1/2021 Water 256.0
7/1/2021 Armortech Trione 0.115
7/1/2021 Boulder 6.3 EC (Triclopyr) 0.46
7/1/2021 Microyl 0.96
7/15/2021 Water 256.0
7/15/2021 ArmorTech Trione 0.115
7/15/2021 Boulder 6.3 EC (Tricloypr) 0.46
7/15/2021 Microyl 0.96
8/1/2021 Water 256.0
8/1/2021 ArmorTech Trione 0.115
8/1/2021 Microyl 0.96
8/1/2021 Turfsaver RTF Seed (Other seed choices available) 6
8/1/2021 Advanced Turf 16-28-12 4
8/1/2021 Seed Aide Original – 50 LB 70


Bermuda is a drought-tolerant, warm-season grass with a blue-green leaf that favors and grows best in hot and sunny weather. It forms patches in lawns and spreads radially from rhizomes and stolons, while also spreading from seeds.

Bermuda Dormant


Zoysia is a slow-growing, drought-tolerant warm-season grass. It is light to medium green in color, which can appear grayish. Zoysia blades are narrow and the ends are pointy. In a lawn, the grass grows in thick and carpet-like. It favors full sun, however, it can grow in some shade. It spreads by stolons and rhizomes.

Bermuda or Zoysia Removal Program

Round Application Rate: # or Fl oz/M
7/15/2021 Water 256.0
7/15/2021 Pylex 0.034
7/15/2021 Boulder 6.3 EC (Tricloypr) 0.46
7/15/2021 Microyl 0.96
8/7/2021 Water 256.0
8/7/2021 Pylex 0.034
8/7/2021 Boulder 6.3 EC (Tricloypr) 0.46
8/7/2021 Microyl 0.96
9/1/2021 Water 256.0
9/1/2021 Pylex 0.023
9/1/2021 Microyl 0.96
9/1/2021 Turfsaver RTF Seed (Other seed choices available) 6
9/1/2021 Advanced Turf 16-28-12 4
9/1/2021 Seed Aide Original – 50 LB 70