Each year presents its own unique weather challenges. So far in 2019, we are dealing with excessive rainfall. The constant rain not only limits our opportunities for outdoor activities, but it is also beginning to have a negative impact on turfgrass.

Extended periods of saturated soils produce anaerobic soil conditions. Anaerobic soil conditions result in the loss of oxygen, loss of root mass, and reduced carbohydrate reserves. Frequent heavy rains also prompt rapid leaf growth and result in missed or delayed mowing opportunities. This usually leads to the removal of excessive leaf tissue, and the plant must spend extra carbohydrates to regenerate the necessary leaf tissue. Moreover, flushing rains are depleting the bank of normally available soil nutrients. Considering all these factors, we are hoping to offer some strategies moving forward.

Technology Can Help

Take full advantage of Armament technology, amino acids, seaweed extract, humic acids, and sugars. These specific technologies will improve plant function, optimize photosynthesis, improve rooting, enhance uptake, provide better color, and give the plant every advantage possible.

The excess rain and lack of sun have posed special challenges, and including these products with your applications can be key to health and performance. Using technologies to get specific responses is vital. Patented Armament technology (w/ liquid or on granular fertilizer) will enable the turf plant to pick up more of the nutrients which are unavailable in the soil and plant. It also increases the nutrient uptake of the product being applied as well (You get to double dip with Armament). By having the plant pick up and use the micronutrients, which they normally do not get, will give improved color and health. Amino acid technology will give the plant the extra edge to build proteins, battle stress, and conserve carbohydrates. The seaweed extract, humic acids, and sugars help build health and stress resistance in turfgrass as well. Do not underestimate the benefits these key components provide in turf health and color!

Control Disease Activity

Disease activity is another issue. Providing proper fungicide applications along with added plant health products like Colonise Bio LTO will do more than the simple fungicide alone. Colonise Bio will give the color and health response people are looking for when paying for a fungicide. Colonise Bio LTO has AminoPrecise technology which includes Armament, humic acids, amino acids, vitamin B-1, beneficial bacteria, and blackstrap molasses. Microsync would be another option as an additive to fungicide treatments to add health and color to the turf.

We are in the grub treatment window. Use 21-0-4 Merit as a grub preventative or 18-0-4 Imi-Lambda which has Merit and Lambda-Cyhalothrin as a surface insect control (controls ticks as well). This will provide proper fertilization along with the desired grub and insect management.

Control Weeds

Broadleaf weed control is also an issue during the same weather patterns. Using the proper premium herbicides to get desired results on the target weeds is key. The first step is knowing your target weed. The second step is pairing the proper herbicide for the desired control. Premium weed control options are Escalade 2, Horsepower, and Tetra. Using Chem-Stik LpH as a premium surfactant will improve your control and aid in the wet weather patterns as well. However, Tetra is fairly unique, and you cannot use a surfactant with it.

If crabgrass is an issue using Drive XLR8, Quinclorac, or QuinPro along with the proper adjuvant of Microyl will take care of the unwanted crabgrass. If nutsedge is an issue, you can use Dismiss NXT, Celero, or Prosedge 2. Combination products such as Solitaire and Q4 Plus will do both crabgrass and nutsedge. Please talk with us to pair the best product to the specific need.

Ornamental bed weeds are showing up more than ever due to these insane weather patterns. Getting pre-emergent products in place are key along with treating the undesired weeds. Options for treating the weeds are normally Ranger Pro, Roundup QuikPRO®, Cheetah Pro, Finale, Scythe, and Diquat. Adding a great pre-emergent such as SureGuard is a necessary additive to get a pre-emergent in place to prevent the reemergence of weeds and keep the area clear for the season. When mixed with Ranger Pro, SureGuard will speed up the herbicide and broaden the spectrum of control as well.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your ATS sales rep with questions or concerns!