It has already been a long season and it seems as though it has been one challenge after another. Here are a few challenges I have dealt with:

Crabgrass and Nutsedge

Both crabgrass and nutsedge have been relentless and are just starting to slow down. OSU provided a nice summary to help explain why the conditions were so favorable for these weeds.

Dollar Spot

We’ve seen some of the worst dollar spot pressure in residential turf in many years. Pressure that started in May and has yet to provide relief. I was on some lawns last week that still had dew on them well past noon, which is a perfect condition for dollar spot to flourish. If that wasn’t bad enough, we are only at the beginning of grub season with reports just starting to come in.

Strategies for Success

With all the past and present challenges, don’t lose sight of what’s ahead. Aeration season is here, providing an opportunity for much-needed soil relief and giving turfgrass roots a chance to recover from the stress of summer. Seeding opportunities will accompany the aeration sales. Take advantage of the longer days in September to get your seed down. Seed jobs can be successful throughout October, but the success rate will be much higher during the last half of September.

If all of that wasn’t enough, don’t forget to get your winter plans in place if you provide those services. By now, I’m sure you’re all aware of the concern with the bulk salt supply and how that will impact availability and pricing. If not, talk to your ATS sales rep so those plans can be dialed in.

Lastly, look ahead even further. Early order programs have begun. It’s never easy to think about next year in the middle of now, so let us help you with that part. Several manufacturer early order programs have either begun or will begin in the next couple weeks. These are great opportunities to take advantage of discounts, rebates, and extended payment terms, not to mention delayed deliveries in many cases. Check out our list of early order programs.

As I said, it has been a long year, and we still have some work to do before it’s done. No one said it would be easy, so don’t forget to breathe. Everyone demands immediate attention and phones never seem to shut off. Don’t forget your personal goals while you map out your professional life! Everyone has a reason they work hard, so make sure those reasons are getting attention. Here at ATS, we are appreciative of the opportunities you provide for us, and we are extremely grateful to work on your behalf.

Thank you and I hope we talk soon!