Advanced Turf Solutions has added two new product lines and four other products in the first three months of 2023. Keep reading to find out what’s new.


  • CastAway DG is a natural 1-0-0 fertilizer from The Andersons. It contains nutrients derived from tea plant seed meal and can reduce the frequency of worm castings on turfgrass. Castaway has high protein content. It features dispersing granule (DG) technology.


  • Crossroad is a selective herbicide from Albaugh that can be used to control a variety of unwanted trees and brush, as well as annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in rangeland, permanent grass pastures, CRP acres, fence rows, non-irrigation ditch banks, turf (residential, commercial and recreational turf and commercial sod farms), roadsides and other non-crop areas and industrial sites.
  • Roundup QuickPro SC Total Herbicide is a direct replacement for the prior Bayer brands, Esplanade EZ and Specticle Total. It is a non-selective herbicide with quick knockdown and excellent residual control. Not only does it kill existing weeds, but it also prevents new ones for up to six months. This innovative solution is easily mixed in a backpack sprayer and can be used in both landscapes and hardscapes. Roundup QuikPro SC Total Herbicide gives landscape managers a powerful tool for controlling troublesome weeds.

Infield Solutions

In January, we introduced our new Advanced Infield Solutions (AIS) product line at the SFMA Conference and Exhibition in Salt Lake City, Utah. The AIS line includes five new brands and a total of six new products.

  • Advanced Infield Conditioner brand includes ATS1000, ATS2000, and Advanced Dry. These three products are calcined clay conditioners that absorb moisture and reduce compaction on the infield. The distinction between the products is that ATS2000 is screened at a smaller mesh (8/20) than ATS1000 (5/16). Both conditioners are a blondish/red color. 
    • Advanced Dry is a calcined clay product that absorbs moisture and reduces slick spots on the mound and around the bases. Advanced Dry is designed to be used sparingly during rain events.
  • The Advanced Mound Clay brand includes Professional Mound Clay and Gumbo Clay. Both products maximize performance and safety on batting, pitching, and catching surfaces. The Gumbo Clay is for highly maintained baseball and softball fields. It is crushed and screened, and it comes out of the bag dry to allow for moisture control. The Professional Mound Clay is also crushed and screened, but it comes pre-moistened and can be used at all levels of play. 
  • Advanced Engineered Soils is an infield mix containing sand, silt, and clay. The mix is engineered to provide a surface that plays well in all weather conditions. Its SCR is 0.5–1.0.


  • Cutless QuickStop is a foliar landscape plant growth regulator from SePRO that reduces trimming requirements by 30-70% and improves the aesthetic appeal of landscapes. It works rapidly to suppress terminal growth in established ornamental plants, leading to more compact growth that requires less trimming. Additionally, treated plants will demonstrate darker green foliage.
  • JT Eaton’s rodent control product line provides lawn care companies with everything they need to establish an add-on rodent control service. We now carry one trap, three bait stations, and two varieties of bait block options from JT Eaton.