Mother nature certainly has thrown us the proverbial curveball in 2019. As can be seen in the NOAA chart below, the rain just keeps coming. Add in the labor crunch because of the booming economy and the lawn care and landscape companies are feeling the pinch in many ways.

regional precipitations ranks chart/map

The loss of revenue comes from many different sources. The weather has impacted mowing, fertilizer treatments, weed control, insect control, landscaping projects, ornamental bed, and tree care revenue this year.

So, what can one do? First, stay positive. Second, consult with your Advanced Turf Solutions professional to discuss strategies to improve efficiency, generate revenue, and improve cash flow. We are always looking for and evaluating ways to help our clients be more successful. Here are a few examples of things to discuss with our professionals.

General Lawn Maintenance Productivity

Is your revenue getting hammered because you simply can’t get around and treat all of your clients’ properties?

With all the rain, most fertilizers will not provide quality results for more than 30 days. If you’re looking to mitigate rain events and improve cash flow, I would suggest utilizing one of our products with Duration and Armament technology. Fertility products with Duration and Armament can easily provide outstanding results for 90 or more days.

Another option is to consider liquid fertility solutions. If this is an option, I would suggest evaluating our Foliar-Pak with Armament products. Many times it’s too muddy to run a spreader over an area but walking and spraying can be done without damaging the lawns.

Mowing Productivity

String trimming two times or less per month will free up a person to do other things. Evaluate the use of ArmorTech PGR 113 MC for edging to reduce the need to string trim after every mowing.

For turf areas prone to holding water, evaluate the limited use of ArmorTech PGR 113 MC. If you must skip an area because of flooding, you may be able to avoid double or triple cutting or clipping collection when you can get in to mow.

Additional Services

The excessive rain can be an opportunity for those who are really looking to add value and generate profits.

High moisture content in lawns along with higher temperatures will usually trigger disease outbreaks. I would suggest you consider promoting preventative fungicide applications to your high-value clients. ArmorTech Zoxy-PG can be applied at 2-4 week intervals to prevent various diseases from decimating lawns.

Mosquito and perimeter pest control are opportunities all lawn care operators should consider. You will need to get the proper license for your state, but these are services that can be added with relative ease and will generate nice cash flow for your company. We have the products and expertise to help you develop a strategy for providing these services.

If you would like to discuss possible strategies to address your specific business situation, please reach out to your local Advanced Turf Solutions professional to schedule an appointment.