July 02, 2012 at 3:00 am

As we head into July, outdoor summertime activities are in full swing:  Picnics, barbeques, weddings, graduation parties…the list goes on.

And as summer activities heat up, our turf is often at its weakest.  High air temperatures, warm soil temperatures, moisture stress, disease and insect activity and heavy foot traffic can all conspire to give us turf that may look a little under the weather.

Well fear not folks!  If you or your customers have run down, weary turf that could use a quick shot of color, I would suggest giving our Foliar Pak iron products a try.

Foliar-Pak Fe6 Plus or Foliar-Pak Carbosential Fe can help give your turf that quick boost of color and breathe a little life back into that fatigued turf.  The visual response should be noticeable within a day or two, and it should persist for at least a couple of weeks.  And it won’t break the bank!

• Foliar Pak Fe6 Plus at 1-2 gallons per acre = $16 – $32 per acre
• Foliar Pak Carbosential Fe at 10-14 ounces per acre = $9 – $12 per acre

For an extra boost of color and vigor, try mixing a little bit of 46-0-0 UFLEXX into the tank as a companion product to the iron.

It doesn’t take much!  One 50 lbs bag of 46-0-0 UFLEXX will cover two acres at a rate of 0.25 lbs Nitrogen per 1000 square foot.  Adding the UFLEXX will add about another $17 per acre to the mix.