We have experienced a fairly wet and cool year for our turf. With this said, we are still having issues with diseases. The humidity and high dew points have made conditions favorable for red thread, dollar spot, and patch disease. We rarely see such severe disease problems in cooler conditions; however, rapid turf growth often results in mowing too much of the grass blade off at a time. In this process the plant’s nutrients are being relinquished rapidly in larger, slower decomposing clippings. This causes the turf to become more susceptible to the diseases.

By adding more organic material to the lawns, you can help reduce these issues. Create a better nutrient source by feeding the soil rather than the plant. Our Holganix 10-1-2 50% NU or ATS 18-2-4 25% XRT with Soilbuilder could make a huge difference in reducing the susceptibility to the disease pathogens. We have also seen a great reduction of disease with our complete Holganix programs.

Contact your ATS sales representative to learn more about these products and create a custom program for your specific needs.