Let’s talk about protecting evergreens from drying out.  A late-season watering of the entire root zone is one important step to take, making sure the roots don’t dry out in the desiccating winter winds.

Another program you can offer your customers is an application of a foliar anti-transpirant, such as Transfilm Anti-Transpirant & Sticker.  These products are applied to the leaf surfaces to reduce transpiration, stress, and water loss.  When sprayed on the plants at 5 – 10 % solution by volume, it dries to a clear coating that protects the needles / leaves from drying winds, as well as providing protection from salt damage.  Prime application timing is now through the next four to six weeks.

We have all seen salt damage to plants (like the ones pictured above) next to roads, parking lots, and walkways where ice melt and salt is being used in the winter.  The drying winter winds can be harsh as well.  An application of Transfilm is a valuable tool to prevent that burn and make you a hero to your customers.