As we strive to provide second-to-none service, we’re always working to offer the best product selection for our customers. That means adding to our offerings as new technologies become available. Take a look below at the products we added in 2022.


  • Foliar-Pak Manganese AminoPrecise is a reformulation with AminoPrecise technology, which fully chelates the manganese ion to allow for maximum foliar entry into the plant. Complete chelation of the manganese ion also ensures more efficient movement through the vascular system. 
  • Foliar-Pak Patch Amino 5 is an all-in-one product that contains the complete nutrition package used to combat summer patch and take-all patch in cool-season turfgrass. It delivers spoon-fed nutrient rates, allowing for safe, continual summer applications. Patch Amino 5 also contains AminoPrecise technology to help during intense biotic and abiotic pressure.


  • ArmorTech 3LO is a new three-way herbicide containing 2,4-D (30.89%), MCPA (8.23%), and Dicamba (2.77%). It has a low odor and provides selective control of clover, dandelion, henbit, plantains, wild onion, and many other broadleaf weeds.


  • Serata Fungicide, by FMC, is specially formulated to combat Pythium diseases. It contains the active ingredient picarbutrazox, a new compound from the novel tetrazolyloximes class of chemistry. The new mode of action fungicide provides superintendents a new tool to combat Pythium root rot, Pythium blight, and Pythium root dysfunction. Picarbutrazox disrupts the normal function of the pathogen’s cellular membrane. 
  • Pillar SC Intrinsic Brand Fungicide is a fast-acting, dual-active liquid formulation by BASF. It delivers broad-spectrum control of up to 26 cool- and warm-season turf diseases, including brown patch, dollar spot, leaf spots, and large patch on all turf types.


Advanced Turf Solutions and Barenbrug have partnered on a new line of grass seed products featuring Barenbrug technologies and Foliar-Pak XCD coating. 

  • Advanced HGT features the very best of Barenbrug’s Kentucky bluegrass varieties. Starring Barvette HGT, Advanced HGT has outstanding bluegrass performance in the most difficult of climate adaptations, the transition zone.
    • Advanced HGT with XCD features Foliar-Pak’s XCD seed coating technology. XCD is a proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria, nutrients, Armament technology, absorbent technology, fungicide, and amino acids that work together to create an environment for the see that promotes germination, root growth, and successful establishment and prevents dampening off.
    • Advanced HGT 80/20 Kentucky Bluegrass/RPR is a blend of 80% Advanced HGT Kentucky bluegrasses (HGT) and 20% Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass (RPR).
  • Advanced RPR is a mixture of RPR varieties and elite perennial ryegrass. Advanced RPR is the solution for all golf, sports, and recreational facilities where elite perennial ryegrass quality is required. Advanced RPR’s extreme wear tolerance and ability to recover thin and damaged turf is unique to the industry. Extremely fast germinating and quick to establish, Advanced RPR can also be overseeded into traditional cool season turf lawns, such as Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescue, and traditional perennial ryegrass.
    • Advanced RPR with XCD features Foliar-Pak’s XCD seed coating technology. XCD is a proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria, nutrients, Armament technology, absorbent technology, fungicide, and amino acids that work together to create an environment for the see that promotes germination, root growth, and successful establishment and prevents dampening off.
  • Advanced RTF Advanced RTF is the most advanced and unique tall fescue mixture available, providing the benefits of rhizomes not found in any other varieties. While other spreading varieties describe “potential” rhizome development or “aggressive tillering,” the deep-rooted and heat-tolerant Advanced RTF has been proven to mend damaged turf and maintain both uniformity and density.

Soil Surfactants and Wetting Agents

  • Precip G is a granular soil surfactant by Precision Laboratories. It provides preventative water management by promoting hydration and infiltration. With a limestone carrier, the wetting agent dissolves quickly without leaving residue on application equipment.

In April, we announced a partnership with Precision Laboratories to produce five co-branded wetting agents under the Hydro-Pak brand. The five products contain technology powered by Precision Laboratories.

  • Hydro-Pak Percolate is a combination surfactant with multiple ingredients that provides hydration and infiltration across a wide range of soil types. It prevents runoff and wasted water by reducing tension. Percolate helps prevent localized dry spot, while providing uniform soil moisture and a firm playing surface.
  • Hydro-Pak Kastella is a flexible rate product that can be applied at various rates for longer residual. Kastella is a blend of surfactants that provides hydration and infiltration, improving volumetric water content across all soil types. It also aids in the prevention of localized dry spot consistently over long periods of time. 
  • Hydro-Pak Infiltrip is a combination of surfactants designed to increase the movement of irrigation and rainwater into and throughout the rootzone of natural playing surfaces. It increases available water in the root zone for three to four weeks depending on rate. Infiltrip moves more water and holds less, which can be a good in tight native soils.
  • Hydro-Pak Aqueous is an infiltration surfactant and water conditioner that reduces the surface tension of water to increase penetration and water quality. It may be used in conjunction with other soil surfactants, plant protectants, or plant nutrients. The newer penetration technology is stronger than older chemistries. 
  • Hydro-Pak Diversion is an infiltration surfactant that moves water, plant protectants, and nutrients into the soil solution. It may also be used to move soil-active fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, and plant growth regulators into the soil. Diversion is a good choice when spraying or injecting and more penetration is desired.

Activator Adjuvant

  • Activo is a new activator adjuvant with turf pigment from Precision Laboratories. It optimizes pesticide performance with its unique activator adjuvant formulation. It also contains a green pigment to improve turfgrass appearance. Activo is labeled for use with fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and plant growth regulators registered for use on ornamentals, golf courses, sports turf, and residential and commercial lawns.


  • The SGXL is Steel Green’s newest and largest machine. It is a 120-gallon zero-turn stand-on sprayer featuring a 14-foot, four-section, rear-mounted breakaway boom with electric hydraulic lift actuators that provide superior visibility to allow operators to monitor every nozzle’s performance. The SGXL received a “Twenty for 2022” New Product Award from Landscape Business.

In January, we announced our new partnership with FlowZone, a manufacturer of battery-powered backpack sprayers. Advanced Turf Solutions now sells four models of FlowZone battery-powered sprayers: three backpack sprayers and one rolling sprayer, ranging in capacity from 2.5 to 9 gallons.


  • Flight Control Max is a liquid goose repellent for turf application. It prevents Canada geese from feeding on treated turf. Flight Control Max is waterproof, long-lasting, odorless, non-toxic, humane, people & pet friendly, and eco-friendly. It works 24/7 to control geese on golf courses, sports fields, and home lawns.
  • Foliar-Pak Sempre Verde is a turf paint that provides a natural green color. With sticker technology, Sempre Verde provides uniform, long-lasting color and reduced risk of rub-off.
  • EutroSORB WC is a simple-to-use, next-generation phosphorus binding technology. It can easily be applied via surface spray application, sub-surface injections, or poured into areas where good mixing occurs. EutroSORB WC does not impact water quality or chemistry. It has an excellent safety profile with no environmental, health, or safety concerns associated with this technology.