Spring means it’s time to get the sprayer out of the barn to calibrate and change out the nozzles. Fortunately, ATS can help supply you with any variety of Greenleaf or TeeJet nozzles. After you blow the dust off the sprayer, you can start filling it up with a variety of essential fungicides, wetting agents, and foliar fertilizers for spring disease prevention.

We have a variety of fungicides to help prevent take-all patch, to knock down dollar spot populations, and to target other soil-borne diseases. Check out the chart below to see what these fungicides do.

Brand Name What It Does
Pinpoint Helps to control take-all patch and knock down dollar spot populations.
ArmorTech Rotator Knocks down dollar spot populations and cleans up pink snow mold from spring.
ArmorTech Zoxy-T Targets take-all patch, Bipolaris leaf spot, and many other soil-borne diseases.
Banol and Insignia Preventative for Pythium Root Dysfunction this spring.
Emerald The old standby recommended by many University professors to knock down dollar spot populations.
Exteris Stressgard Knocks down dollar spot populations, cleans up pink snow mold, and prevents cool season brown patch.

Fungicides will need to be partnered with some foliar fertilizers and penetrant wetting agents to complete the preventative soil-targeted disease applications. Foliar-Pak’s Minors, Manganese, Amperage, and A.S. Fusion are all excellent liquid fertilizer choices to combine with your fungicides. Finally, adding in Command, Dispatch, or Alypso Plus penetrant wetting agents will get your fungicides and fertilizers where they need to be.

Have a great spring and contact your ATS rep if you have any questions!