August 11, 2016 at 8:18 pm

2016 has been a hot, wet and dry year throughout the ATS geography. The one common theme turf managers have shared throughout these varying weather conditions: it’s been challenging!

Mid-August and September are the best times to seed weak and thin areas. ATS stocks the best seed and grow-in nutrients available. Quality seed may cost a few dollars more, but the better cultivars are designed to handle stress (heat, drought, disease) and will be more than worth the investment for next season and beyond. Cheaper seed mixes often contain less desirable cultivars and more contaminants. Good nutrients also make a huge difference with recovery and in-season management.

We’ve all heard people say the plant can’t tell the difference between N-P-K and this is true. Technology that keeps those critical nutrients plant available longer is not obtainable on every street corner. However, it is obtainable from Advanced Turf in the form of Foliar-Pak’s Armament technology.

Make sure you ask about fertility products that contain Armament. Imagine an affordable phosphorous fertilizer that does not get tied up in the soil and stays plant available during establishment. This is what Armament can help do and we have this in stock!

September is also the time to start taking advantage of Early Order! By committing to certain products in September, the savings are huge with potential terms well into 2017. There is no need to skimp on the last few fungicide applications of the year or fall fertility because you used more product than planned in 2016. Take advantage of early order and get the products you need to finish the season. Plan for next year today!