In preparation for spring, complete this checklist on your cool-season baseball field to “put it to bed” for winter.

  • Keep adequate moisture on turfgrass until soil temperatures fall to 35°F. Once soil temperatures drop below 35°F, blow out the irrigation system thoroughly and make note of any repairs needed for spring operation.
  • Regularly mow all turfgrass areas 1/2″ taller than their spring playing height
  • Fertilize with high-quality fertilizer based on soil test results
  • Edge all dirt-to-turfgrass transition areas:
    • Infield material to grass at the proper arc
    • Warning track material to outfield grass at the proper arc
  • Amend any warning track material to the appropriate grade and arc
  • Amend infield material and baselines to the appropriate grade
  • Roll the infield and warning tracks to seal them off for the winter
  • Laser grade all infield material for improved water flow
  • Rebuild the home plate and cover for the winter
  • Rebuild the mound with the proper material and grade, covering once completed
  • Deep tine with open tines or Verti-Quake to 8″ depth for decompaction and improved spring drainage
  • Topdress the outfield and infield turf areas to improve ball roll
  • Cover three outfielder areas with growth blankets for proper regrowth
  • Complete a thorough safety check on the entire complex and keep it for your records

After you’ve completed this checklist, your field will be ready to uncover and play in the spring, no matter how much snow or moisture it receives this winter.