Post-season maintenance on the infield surface is an important process. There are a few maintenance practices you should do every year. Adding infield mix is one that you can do every two or three years.

Annual Maintenance

A common mistake is “letting the field go” as soon as the season ends. Although it may be tempting to have one less worry, neglecting annual post-season maintenance has consequences. Infield lips and weed growth in the off-season are likely without proper maintenance. To save yourself from a future headache, complete the following practices every year.

  • Edge the infield to prevent lips
  • Laser grade the infield without adding infield mix
  • Drag the infield to achieve a smooth surface and manage weeds
  • Topdress at a depth of ⅛–¼ inches

Adding Infield Mix

Another common mistake, especially at lower levels of play, is not adding infield mix regularly. After several years of not adding infield mix, the surface could be three inches below grade and have compromised drainage. At that point, it could need six truckloads of infield mix, which would be an expensive project. 

Instead, add one or two truckloads of infield mix every two or three years. This practice not only makes it easier to budget but actually saves money you would have spent on drying agents to maintain your infield below grade.

Contact your ATS representative for more information about post-season maintenance practices to keep your field playable and safe from year to year.