Foliar-Pak’s Armament is a patented, biodegradable nutrient enhancer that protects nutrient ions from interactions, antagonisms, and tie up in the soil. It unlocks tied-up nutrients that already exist in the soil and enhances nutrient utilization by protecting the nutrients and keeping them in a plant-usable form. The result is increased nutrient uptake by as much as 30%, deeper, stronger roots, and improved plant resilience.

Does fertilizer coated with Foliar-Pak’s Armament really give better results with turfgrass establishment and growth compared with uncoated fertilizer?

The results from a pan test conducted by Product Development Manager Mark Sybouts give a resounding yes!

Here’s the Experiment:

Three pans of grass were grown from seed and one pan was fertilized with one of the following: 22-0-0 50% XCU + Armament @ 3.4 lb/1000, 22-0-0 50% XCU @3.4 lb/1000, 30-0-0 50% XCU @3.4 lb/1000.

These pictures were taken 12 days after fertilization.



Armament Results:

  • Tissue tests showed 9% higher nitrogen levels with Armament treatment.
  • Tissue tests also showed higher levels of micronutrients.
  • Faster fill-in, better tillering, and more robust plants.
  • Growth performance was better than applying 30% more nitrogen with no Armament.